Turbo Props

Cessna 208 Caravan

The Cessna Caravan is a single engine turbo prop aircraft. Mainly

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Embraer 110 Bandeirante

The Bandit has operated extensively throughout Australia for many years now with great success. Being utilised for many group charters and crew changes. With its comfortable seating and air conditi ... Read more

Beechcraft 1900

The Beech 1900 is a popular aircraft for small regional airlines with its stand up cabin and good capacity for luggage and equipment. It has a cruise speed of 440km/h and a range of up to 2770km/h. ... Read more

Beechcraft King Air C90

This aircraft is perfect for the business traveller who needs to get to their destination quickly to conduct their business. It has an excellent short runway performance, capable of carrying up to ... Read more

Beechcraft King Air 350

The King Air 350 is one of the most renown aircraft worldwide. Very popular for executive travel as it offers the speed and comfort of a jet but not the cost.


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Saab 340

The Saab340 is a popular choice with regional airlines throughout the world. With its stand up cabin and air conditioning it is the ideal aircraft for groups with up to 34 passengers with their own ... Read more

Aero Commander 690

The AC690 is a high wing aircraft perfect for scenic tours. With up to 8 seats for passengers and the comfort of air conditioning.


Number of passengers:

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Dornier 228

The Dornier is an ideal aircraft for short to medium charter flights. Seating for up to 19 passengers is designed to land on short, remote strips. It can also be utilsed for as a freighter or combi ... Read more

De Havilland Canada Dash 8

The Dash 8 is one of the most successful aircraft used by the airlines. Capable of landing on most strips throughout the country with up to 36 passengers, it is easy to see why. The Dash 8 was rele ... Read more

Embraer 120

The EMB120 is mainly utilised in regional centres doing crew change flights. With seating for up to 30 passengers its a prefect aircraft for those groups charter in regional areas.

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Fairchild Metroliner 23

The Metro 23 is the latest model in the Metro range. Capable of carrying up to 19 passengers with a good capacity for luggage, the evergreen aircraft is a regular choice for group charter requireme ... Read more

Fairchild Metroliner II

The Metro II has the ability to carry up to 14 passengers and is more than capable of handling a large amount of freight. It has a cruise speed of 457km/h and a range of 1100km making it a popular ... Read more