A History of Australian Airports

In Australia there are a large number of airports, that you can enter from anywhere around the globe. Take a look at some of the most busy ones around the country.

Hobart airport air charter

Hobart Airport

Hobart airport was originally opened in June 1965 to provide domestic flights from Tasmania to other cities in Australia. The first ever flight to land at Hobart was from Melbourne.
As the weight of passenger traffic grew substantially over the following years it was decided to upgrade the airport with the construction of a bran new terminal in 1974. By the late 1970s almost 500,000 passengers were passing through yearly.
During the mid 1980s further expansion was completed with the opening of an international terminal to service the high demand for overseas travel along with many non aviation business projects opening in the airport vicinity.

Sydney Airport

Sydney airport was first established as an aviation site as far back as the early 1920s, as an aircraft manufacturing plant. This quickly changed to be an airfield and the first recorded private flights were in 1924.
In following years the airport became Sydney