Five ways to use Australian Airports more Enjoyably

arrive on time

1.Arrive on Time

Most people who pass through airports are most probably going on some type of holiday, visiting friends and relatives, or some other leisure activity which has probably already produced a level of excitement and anticipation.

One of the most important aspects of travelling through an airport in Australia or in that fact any other airport is arriving on time. Not planning your journey time properly to the airport and result in you arriving late or more seriously missing your flight altogether.

In Australian international flights is at least a two hour check in time before departure and for domestic flights normally at least one hour, but would be sensible to check with the airline well beforehand.

2.Check in

To enjoy your airport experience more, once you have arrived with time to spare the most important thing is to find your airlines check in desk to have your cumbersome baggage processed and loaded, passports checked and flight tickets issued.

As soon as these and other formalities are completed you are then free to enjoy the many facilities the airport has to offer such as duty free shopping, restaurants and coffee shops, and even a relaxing drink in the airport bar below your flight is called for boarding.

3.Hand Luggage

If possible the only items you need take on to the plane is hand luggage and hand carried items. Make sure you have important documents on hand at all times like passport, flight tickets, booking details and any medication you need to take during the flight etc.

This reduces the strive and stress of having to carry and take care of large items of luggage around the airport, leaving you with more time to enjoy relax before your flight is called for boarding.

If possible when passing through customs keep all your valuables together including cell phone, laptop and wallet for easy screening when items are passed through airport security x ray machines and most importantly don